Jewellery Inspiration from Sienna Miller

November 30, 2016 Allison Bray

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Sienna Miller is an actress, fashion designer and model. She is famed for her style and has been a muse for designers, stylists and fashion lovers all over the world. 

After a successful start as a photographic model, Miller turned to film in 2001. She has appeared in   movies including Layer Cake, Alfie, Factory Girl, The Edge of Love and American Sniper. Thanks to her love of fashion, Miller has also turned her hand to design. Her fashion label Twenty8Twelve was launched in 2007.

Think of Sienna Miller and style and the phrase ‘boho chic’ probably comes to mind. Miller has been one of the leading fashionistas for this style since the early 2000s. Though her look has certainly evolved over the years, we think Miller is still boho at heart! Though she’s now probably more likely to be wearing a LBD than a studded belt and furry gilet… her outfits always have a delightful touch of quirkiness to them. 

One of the reasons we love Sienna’s style is because jewellery plays such a key part in it. From big earrings to chunky bangles, this is a lady who knows how to make a statement!

Want to get the look for yourself? One of the ways Miller makes sure her jewellery really works for her is by layering key pieces. Emulate her style by pairing multiple bracelets, or a couple of opera length necklaces. Want to keep things simpler? Do a Sienna by wearing delicate dangly earrings with an up do!

If Sienna were to stop by our York jewellery shop, we think she’d find plenty to catch her eye. We’d probably point her in the direction of Tara Kirkpatrick’s gorgeous earrings as we reckon it’d be love at first sight!

If you’d like a bit more Sienna-esque boho inspiration, why not start with these Stick Drop Earrings, a Thick Textured Silver Cuff, these Lottie Earrings, these Rose Gold Scriptura Hoop Earrings, this Set of 4 Hammered Bangles, these Calla Lily Tiny Petal Earrings or this Small Balls Bracelet?

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