Jewellery Inspiration From the Duchess of Sussex

August 15, 2018 Allison Bray

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More than fifty million people in the UK and America watched the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry earlier this summer. It’s not hard to see why the event caused such a worldwide stir; from Hollywood to Windsor Castle, Meghan’s story seems just like a rom-com!
Meghan the Duchess of Sussex was born in Los Angeles, California. She later went on to become an actor, with a long-running role on Suits as her most famous role. In addition to her acting, Meghan was well established as an activist even before meeting Prince Harry. She has campaigned on issues such as gender equality, modern day slavery and access to safe water. 
Becoming a member of the royal family has undoubtedly given the duchess an even bigger platform from which to campaign for greater social justice. It has also brought her very definitely into the fashion limelight alongside her sister-in-law the Duchess of Cambridge. 
She may be only a few months into her new role as a royal, but we think the duchess is carrying it off rather beautifully. She seems to be having no problems at all establishing her style, and we’ve got to say, we think it’s flawless. 
Meghan’s style is elegant and sophisticated. She tends to favour neutral colours and clean lines: there’s very little fuss in her wardrobe. Meghan usually accessorises her outfits with very minimal jewellery; often simply a pair of beautiful studs and a delicate bangle. The overall effect is beautifully chic.
If Meghan the Duchess of Sussex was to drop by our contemporary jewellery shop in York, we’d love to show her our collection of Claudia Bradbury pearl stud earrings
If you’d like to emulate the duchess’ less-is-more jewellery style, try leaving your statement pieces at home and accessorising a classic dress in a neutral colour with a pair of timeless earrings. Take a look at these Silver Lined Stud Earrings, these Marina Single Shoot Studs or these Audrey Classic White Pearl Stud Earrings. We also think this Fairy 5mm Silver Bangle is very Meghan-esque. 

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