One Piece Three Ways: Amber Earrings

May 23, 2018 Allison Bray

Earrings pictured: Amber Drop Earrings by Amber Ring
We’re big amber fans at Monkey Puzzle Jewellery. We love the richness of it, the depth of it and, most of all, the versatility of it. 
One of the very best things about amber is that every piece is unique. This beautiful gemstone is made from fossilised plant resin from ancient forests. 
During the creation process, other pieces from the forest such as seeds, leaves, feathers or even insects were caught in the resin. Because of this, amber jewellery isn’t just gorgeous to look at… it also acts as a tiny time capsule from when the Earth was a very different place.
Amber may be an ancient substance, but we think it can be the perfect addition to some very up-to-the-minute looks. Below, we’ve suggested three outfits that we think would be the perfect canvas for a pair of amber earrings like the Amber Ring pair pictured above. 
Now the only thing left to do is work out which one is more your style!

Look one: Rock ’n’ Roll Hipster

Photo source
We think a pair of amber earrings is the perfect accompaniment to an otherwise predominantly-black look. The gold of amber could add a touch of warmth to this outfit, but the depth of the stone would fit the tone of the existing look.

Look two: Summer Bohemian 

Photo source
What better way to celebrate the improving weather than with bold florals and floaty layers? This bohemian look is perfect for the summer months, and we think some one-of-a-kind amber earrings would look glorious glinting in the sunlight. 

Look three: Aztec Prints

Photo source

We’ve included this final look just in case the hot weather doesn’t stick around for as long as we hope! Aztec prints are a great way to add interest to knitted cover ups. We think the smooth lines of a pair of amber earrings are the perfect way to balance out the bold lines.

Want to see some more amber eye candy? We’ve got a great collection here.

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