One Piece Three Ways: Chandelier Earrings

August 30, 2017 Allison Bray

Earrings pictured: Silver Long Droplet Earrings
If you like to make a statement with your ear wear, chandelier earrings are likely to be just your style! A pair of earrings can be described as ‘chandelier’ if they’re elaborate and have a long drop. Usually, chandelier earrings will also consist of multiple tiers. 
Though chandelier earrings are usually rather intricate, the great thing about them is that they’re not just for formal occasions. Depending on how you wear them and the pair you choose, chandelier earrings can add a luxe or a boho touch to any outfit you pair them with.
We’ve shared three very different looks below. Which one would you choose?

Look One: City Break Chic

City Break Chic
City Break Chic by jewellerylover featuring fendi sunglasses

A good sightseeing outfit doesn’t have to be solely practical! Especially if you’re heading for a style-conscious city such as Paris or Milan, you’ll want to look the part as you wander between the sights. We’ve paired some tailored shorts with an embroidered tee and pretty flats for a chic but laid back look. A pair of chandelier earrings would take the look up a notch and ensure it worked well for both day and evening. 

Look Two: 70s Vintage Glam

70s Vintage Glam
70s Vintage Glam by jewellerylover featuring tall pants

We accept that sometimes less is more… but we also want to point out that sometimes more is more! We love the idea of pairing an over the top vintage style tunic with glam heels and even more glamorous chandelier earrings. Wear it with your hair up for a more formal event, or down for a kitsch look. 


Look Three: Autumn Vibes

Autumn Vibes
Autumn Vibes by jewellerylover featuring chelsea boots
Not completely sure you’re happy to see the back of summer? Cheer yourself up by embracing all the fashion favourites of the season ahead! We’ve paired autumn classics with a statement scarf and retro satchel. Add chandelier earrings for a daytime-appropriate touch of sparkle. 
Thinking about expanding your chandelier earring collection? We recommend taking a look at our gorgeous Tara Kirkpatrick collection.

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