One Piece Three Ways: Cocktail Ring

August 10, 2016 Allison Bray

Cocktail rings are a fun piece of jewellery that can really make an impact. Traditionally the term referred to an oversized woman’s ring with a large centre stone, but it’s now generally used as a term to include all statement rings. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a couple of dazzlers in your jewellery box, you’ll be pleased to hear that they’re incredibly versatile. We recommend mixing and matching them with a range of different styles: you’ll likely find that a good cocktail ring adds a bit of pizzazz to any outfit!

Here are three different ways to wear a cocktail ring like the one pictured above:

Look one: Jewel-Toned Night Out

Jewel-Toned Night Out
Jewel-Toned Night Out by jewellerylover featuring evening handbags

Aiming for a low-key sophisticated look for an evening with friends? We think a cocktail ring adds an extra touch of class to an outfit like this. For bonus points, match the jewel tones in your blouse to the gem on your finger!

Look two: 1950s Starlet

1950s Starlet
1950s Starlet by jewellerylover featuring a heel pump

If you’re attending a fantastically formal event such as a gala, wedding, prom or award ceremony, a cocktail ring will be an excellent addition to your outfit. Cocktail rings may be traditionally associated with the LBD… but we also love them paired with more over-the-top dresses like this gorgeous fifties-inspired frock. 

Look three: Metallic Disco

Metallic Disco


Metallic Disco by jewellerylover featuring a white tank top

Heading out dancing? Pop on a dazzling cocktail ring for added metallic sparkle! We reckon a well-chosen cocktail ring will make even the skimpiest of outfits look ‘complete’ - and hey, it might even catch the lights too!

Want to browse some of the gorgeous cocktail rings we have to offer? Take a look at the Fanfare Ring with Silver and Amazonite, the Onyx Ring, the Oval Delft Pottery Ring, the Rutilated Quartz Silver Ring, the Silver and Amethyst Crescent Cornerstone Ring, the Labradorite Ring, the Parade Silver Sterling and Topaz Ring and the Carnelian and Silver Ring.

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