One Piece Three Ways: Layered Necklaces

October 16, 2017 Allison Bray

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Necklace layering is a trend that’s been big in style circles for the pst few years. Though in many ways this look feels very fresh, it actually has roots in various points of fashion history. 

 This look is particularly reminiscent of glam eighties styling (think Madonna during her desperately seeking Susan phase) and rebellious flapper style (like the image above).  

Modern necklace layering is often more subtle than it has been in the past. We think some of the most successful layering examples feature delicate pendant style necklaces of differing lengths. Think Leoma Drew or Reeves & Reeves pieces worn together. 

Want to try a bit of necklace layering for yourself? We’ve put together three very different looks that we think would all make a fantastic base for a necklace. Or two. Or three.  

Look One: Playful Vintage


Playful Vintage


There’s no rule to say that layered necklaces need a plain background. We love how fun this style can be against a print fabric like the jumping cats on this dress. Extra points if you are able to theme your jewellery to the fabric: we think the cat and mouse silhouette necklace would be a dream here!

Look Two: Natural Knitwear


Natural Knitwear


We love the idea of layering delicate pendants up against a chunky knit sweater. This can be a great way to keep your outfit classic but add detail close up. In this example, we’d suggest choosing slightly longer chains so that your necklaces don’t get hidden by your jumper’s neckline.  

Look Three: Modern Boho


Modern Boho


This modern boho look would be perfect for some quickly layered necklaces. One of the best things about boho is that it allows you to really express your personality: so don’t be afraid to get super creative with your layering here!

Want to explore some different layering options? Take a look at some of the gorgeous pendants we have in store.

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