One Piece Three Ways: Quirky Hoop Earrings

January 17, 2018 Allison Bray

Mini Butterfly Hoop Earrings by Leoma Drew

There are few styles of earrings more classic than the hoop. Whether you’re looking for something simple or more eye catching, there is a hoop to suit just about every taste!

What we really love about hoop earrings is that they carefully skirt the line between day and night wear. These comfortable earrings can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Our current collection features a selection of delightfully quirky hoop earrings, including the Mini Butterfly Hoop Earrings pictured above, as well as these Noon Mitchelhill Hoop Earrings with Gold Shape, these Daisy Iota Hoop Earrings and these Claudia Bradbury Alexandra White Pearl Hoop Drop Earrings.

These quirky hoops are perfect for jewellery lovers who want to bring a bit more of their personality to this traditional style of earrings. 

If you’re on the hunt for inspiration on how to dress hoop earrings like these, look no further.

Look one: monochrome biker chic

Monochrome Biker Chic
Monochrome Biker Chic by jewellerylover featuring cropped shirts

We love the idea of pairing geometric hoop earrings with a utilitarian look such as this monochrome biker-inspired outfit. This look is strong enough to work well with a solid back pair of hoops, such as the Leoma Drew Mini Butterfly pair, but would also work well with more traditional hoops. 

Look two: well dressed minimalist

Well Dressed Minimalist
Well Dressed Minimalist by jewellerylover featuring beige tote handbags

One of the best ways to showcase your hoop earrings is to pair them with a classic paired back outfit. We love the idea of wearing a pair of really unusual hoops with a more minimalist-inspired outfit.

Look three: everyday casual

Everyday Casual
Everyday Casual by jewellerylover featuring a dog tote

Hoop earrings are an excellent way to add a bit of casual elegance to an every day look. This works just as well with more structural hoop earrings as with simpler styles.

Thinking about investing in a pair of quirky hoops? Take a look at our current selection here.

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