One Piece Three Ways: Silk Scarf

July 18, 2017 Allison Bray

Scarf pictured: large purple chrysocolla silk scarf

If you’re on the hunt for an accessory that will effortlessly upgrade your look from ordinary to chic, then the silk scarf might well be your new best friend. 

These versatile squares of sumptuous fabric go beautifully with a wide range of looks, from classic and retro to cool and contemporary. 

Are you looking for inspiration for what a silk scarf could bring to your wardrobe? Below we’ve shared three very different looks: all of which we think would be finished off perfectly with the addition of a silk scarf. 

Look one: Monochrome Artist


Monochrome Artist

Monochrome Artist by jewellerylover featuring army boots


Undoubtedly one of the best ways to show off a silk scarf is to pair it with a monochrome background. We love the contrast of layering a delicate scarf on top of an all black ensemble. How you choose to play this is up to you: a lighter more decorative scarf will soften a monochrome look, whereas a graphic pattern in a complimentary colour such as this Large Septarian Silk Scarf will add an additional edge.

Look Two: Vintage French

Vintage French

Vintage French by jewellerylover featuring navy blue sandals

The French are notoriously wonderful at wearing silk scarves. Why not adopt a little of their sartorial elegance by pairing your scarf with a classic breton? Trust us when we say that all it takes is a crisply folded silk scarf to take this outfit from so so to ooh la la!

Look Three: Boho Festival

Boho Festival

Boho Festival by jewellerylover featuring vegan leather bags

We think a silk scarf would be an excellent addition to chilled out boho-inspired festival attire. Not only will it look great, you may also discover that it comes in handy. You could use it to tie your hair back, as a sun shade, or even as an impromptu bandeau top! 

Are you a silk scarf fan? We sell beautifully quirky Weston Scarves. Created by Archeology professor Richard Weston, each scarf features a scanned image from the stones and minerals in his collection.

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