Our Favourite Non-Twee Festive Jewellery

November 28, 2018 Allison Bray

Necklace pictured: Mistletoe Pendant
We’ll whisper this so as not to induce too much panic… but there’s only a month to go until Christmas! With so many celebrations on the horizon, we’ve started to look out some of our favourite festive jewellery.
Themed jewellery can be a bit of a tricky style to navigate at any time of year. We prefer to stay away from over the top themed pieces and opt instead for sophisticated jewellery that gives a heavy nod to the season. 
Like where we’re coming from? Here are some of our favourite pieces of non-twee festive jewellery.

Winter Tree Collection

We love this collection of winter tree pendant and earrings. It’s also available with a gold vermeil finish. This is the perfect jewellery collection to celebrate the season, and it’ll still be just as seasonally appropriate after the New Year! 

Mistletoe Pendant

This sophisticated mistletoe pendant from Rosanna Wood Designs is a great choice for those who want an heirloom piece to bring out each festive season. The silver mistletoe leaves are cast from real mistletoe, and the tiny pearl berries complete the look perfectly. 

Star jewellery

We absolutely love star themed jewellery, and think it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the festive season! You’ll be spoiled for choice with which pieces to go for! For a traditional gold festive look, we love Pretty Wild Jewellery’s Solid Textured Gold Star Universe Necklace
If you’re looking for something in cooler silver tones, the Reeves & Reeves Shooting Star Necklace offers a pretty, subtler look. 
Finally, we love Claudia Bradbury’s collection of gorgeous silver stars topped with a luminous pearl. This collection includes a Silver Star Necklace, Star Drop Earrings or classic Silver Star Studs
How will you be wearing festive jewellery this season? 

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