Quirky Jewellery for Passionate Hobbyists

August 17, 2016 Allison Bray

Jewellery can make such a personal statement. We’re always on the hunt for quirky pieces that will mean a lot to the people who receive them. As part of this mission we’ve gathered some absolutely beautiful jewellery that would make the perfect present for passionate hobbyists.
If you have a loved one with a hobby you’d like to honour, or if you’d like to treat yourself to something special, take a look at some of our suggestions below.

For the Birdwatcher

Birds tend to be a recurring theme in jewellery fashions. Perhaps because they represent freedom, nature and the ability to fly?! Treat the bird lover in your life to Amanda Coleman’s Raven Studs, Reeves & Reeves’ Birdnest Necklace or Anemi’s Gold Plated Bird

For the Florist

Want to say it with (more long-lasting) flowers? You’re in luck. Consider Daisy London’s Vintage Daisy Pendant, Amanda Coleman’s Forget Me Not Cluster Bangle or Bernd-Wolf’s Flower Earrings.

For the Antiques Collector

Know someone who loves hunting antique shops for forgotten treasures? We think they’d love Two Skies’ Delft Pottery Pendant, Reeves & Reeves’ Toy Soldier Necklace or Reeves & Reeves’ Russian Doll Necklace

For the Gardener

While working out in the garden is certainly a relaxing and fruitful hobby, it isn’t always the most glamorous. Why not give your gardening friend a touch of luxury by choosing Amanda Coleman's Peony on Twig Stacking Bangle or Sowing Seeds Pendant?

For the Astronomist

Academic certificates are incredible, but they don’t tend to work very well as accessories! Invite your astronomer friends to show off their credentials with Daisy London’s Sun and Moon Stud Earrings, Reeves & Reeves’ Gold Shooting Star Earrings or Becky Crow’s Star Pendant

For the Beekeeper

The delicious honey may be enough of a treat for the beekeeper in your life… but if not we suggest Reeves & Reeves’ Bumblebee Earrings, Pretty Wild Jewellery’s Silver Honeybee Necklace or Reeves & Reeves’ Honeypot Necklace!
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