Seven Myths and Superstitions About Jewellery

May 30, 2018 Allison Bray

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The desire to dress ourselves in shining metals and glorious gems has been present in us humans since the very beginning of time! Thanks to this, it’s no surprise that over the millennia a myriad of myths and superstitions have been created around jewellery.
We love exploring some of these stories, and today we’re sharing some of our favourites. Here are seven myths and superstitions about jewellery from history that we think you’ll enjoy.
1. Circular jewellery was traditionally the ideal way to show your loved one how you felt about them. Circles were believed to represent eternity, so the giving of a circle represented love without end. 
2. Want to keep bad spirits at bay? Silver jewellery was traditionally seen as one of the best ways to repel them. 
3. The ancient Greeks believed amethysts were the perfect gem for a night out. It was thought that amethysts could help you stay sober, and some ancient Greeks even drank out of amethyst cups.
4. Turquoise is often considered good luck for travelling to foreign lands. We suspect this association may be thanks to its beautiful sea green hue.
5. According to folklore, there’s an excellent reason to wear diamonds on your wedding day; they scare the witches away!
6. In more recent history, Opals have been considered bad luck… but the Romans believed completely the opposite. In fact, they loved opal and thought it was created from the beauty of all the other precious stones put together. 
7. Some jewellery lovers believe that our gems have a kind of memory and can soak up happy or sad energy, depending on who they’re worn by. It’s therefore thought that the luckiest jewellery to wear on your wedding day is jewellery belonging to a relative who was blessed with a happy marriage!
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