Spooky-but-Gorgeous Jewellery for Halloween

October 25, 2017 Allison Bray

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It’s the season of black cats, pumpkins and ghastly ghouls. If you’ve got a Halloween party on the horizon, or even if you just want to add a bit of October cheer to your wardrobe, you might want to take a look at our spooky-but-gorgeous Halloween themed jewellery suggestions.

Below we’ve highlighted six glam jewellery suggestions that give a spooky nod to Halloween, but can also be worn all year round. 

Solid Gold Textured Moon Pendant and Gold Universe Textured Moon Stud Earrings

We love these beautifully textured gold pieces from Pretty Wild Jewellery. The gorgeous crescent moon shape makes us think of sophisticated witches and wizards. For best results, pair with a spiked witches hat!

Stainless Steel and Aluminium Orange Drop Earrings

Incorporate a bit of pumpkin orange into your outfit with these statement drop earrings from Step-By-Step. Cheesy pumpkin costume optional! 

Origami Cat Necklace and Origami Cat Earrings

Channel your inner black cat with these quirky origami-style necklace and earrings. We love the clever way these sterling silver cats are constructed to look like paper folds. These make the perfect familiars for Halloween ghouls!

Raven Necklace and Raven Earrings

Why not give a nod to Edgar Allen Poe this Halloween with these raven earrings and necklace by contemporary jewellery designer Amanda Coleman? We think these would look striking against a monochrome ensemble for a Halloween party. 

Winter Tree Earrings and Winter Tree Pendant

We love the glamorous bleakness of these Reeves & Reeves winter tree pendants and earrings. Even better? They’d work just as well worn for work as they would for a Halloween get together.

Moonshine Pendant

Full moons are associated with all sorts of Halloween fare including werewolves and general lunacy. Why not give a delicately-styled nod to this over the coming week with Becky Crow’s beautiful moonshine pendant?

What spooky-but-gorgeous jewellery will you be wearing this week? We’d love to see. Go on, send us a photo on Twitter

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