The Beginner’s Guide to Mixing Metals

October 31, 2017 Allison Bray

Pictured: Reeves & Reeves Rose Gold Leaf Drop Necklace
Layered jewellery is the ideal trend for jewellery lovers. Why? Because it’s the perfect opportunity to get to wear more of your favourite pieces! 
When you choose to layer your necklaces or even stack your rings… you may want to be mindful of the different metals you have to work with. Some style aficionados recommend sticking to one metal type per look, but this can seriously limit your options.
We happen to think that silver and gold coloured jewellery look brilliant worn together. This goes for alternative tones of gold such as rose gold or copper too. 
Want to give it a go yourself?

Choose a piece of jewellery that incorporates both metals

If you want to experiment with this look but are a bit wary of getting started, a piece of jewellery that incorporates both metals might be a good jumping off point. Pieces like this Becky Crow Gold Dome Tree Pendant, this Rose Gold Leaf Drop Necklace or these Silver Egg Earrings with Gold Heart can be an easy way to introduce both metals. 
These can also work well as a ‘bridging’ piece, making it feel more natural to introduce both metals. 

Match the type instead of the metal

If you want to make sure your metal mixing feels intentional, try choosing two pieces that are very similar in other ways. This could be two delicate pendants in different metals, similar width bangles in various hues or stacking rings in a mix of silver and gold. 

Think carefully about scale

When you’re mixing metals, the scale of your jewellery becomes even more important. If you want to keep things subtle, choose smaller scale more delicate pieces. To make more of a metal-mixing statement: you’ll want to choose chunkier larger scale pieces!
Want more ideas? There are some great inspiration images of mixed metal jewellery over on Pinterest

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