The Engagement Ring Files: Channel Set Ring

October 17, 2018 Allison Bray

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Welcome to the engagement ring files. During this series we’re investigating what you need to know about the various engagement ring options. Today we’re talking about channel set rings.
A channel set ring is a sleek ring that can be incredibly versatile. They’re popular as engagement rings, wedding rings and even eternity rings. 

What does a channel set ring look like?

This type of ring features a line of tiny diamonds or other gems set into the ring band. It is different from other types of ring with inset diamonds in that it doesn’t need prongs to hold the gems in place. Instead, the ring band has a channel cut into it that’s shaped to hold the gems firmly in place.
Many fans of the channel setting like that it gives the impression that the diamonds are floating inside the band of the ring. There’s often some space in between each gem, which helps to encourage this gorgeous illusion. 

Is a channel set engagement ring right for you?

A channel set engagement might be right for you or your loved one if you want a ring that’s easy to wear. It’s more low key than other diamond settings, and is a great way to introduce sparkle in a subtler way. 
The versatility of a channel set ring is also a major factor for some people. It’s becoming more popular to choose a channel set ring as a hybrid between an engagement and wedding ring. This is a great choice for those who want to wear one band instead of two. 
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