The Engagement Ring Files: Pavé

September 20, 2017 Allison Bray

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Welcome to the engagement ring files. During this series we’re investigating what you need to know about the various engagement ring setting options. Today we’re highlighting pavé rings.

Pavé engagement rings are show-stopping pieces of jewellery that are designed to really make an impact. These are intricately designed rings that can feature both contemporary and classic design. 

What does a pavé ring look like?

Pavé is the name given to a certain stone setting style. This is when many stones are set into the band of a ring, less than 1mm apart. The overall impression this gives is that the whole surface of the ring is shimmering with stones!

The most commonly used stones in a pavé setting are diamonds, though other precious gems can be featured too. Diamonds are generally the most popular choice due to their sparkling nature. 

Some pavé rings also feature a ‘main’ stone, while others don’t. Pavé rings with an additional larger central stone are generally worn as engagement rings, whereas pavé rings without are usually wedding rings. 

Is a pavé ring right for you?

A pavé ring probably isn’t right for you or your beloved if you love simple streamlined jewels! 

If, on the other hand, you’re a big fan of glittering pieces; you may have found your match. Pavé settings are an excellent choice for those who want a beautiful ring that really makes a statement.

Though this style of ring works perfectly with more contemporary styling, it can also be an ideal choice for you if you would like a ring that will be well suited to a more vintage or retro aesthetic.  

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