The Engagement Ring Files: Tension Setting

April 25, 2018 Allison Bray

Ring pictured: Sapphire and Silver Tension Ring by Anthony Blakeney
Welcome to the engagement ring files. During this series we’re investigating what you need to know about the various engagement ring setting options. Today we’re talking about tension settings.
Tension set rings are different to most rings because of how they hold the gemstone in place. Instead of using prongs or bezels, like other engagement ring styles, tension rings hold the gems in place simply with pressure.  

What does a tension set ring look like?

Tension set rings are bands of precious metal with a gap cut into the circle for the gemstone. The gemstones appear to be floating in the gap with nothing to hold them, but in actual fact they are held in place by grooves etched into the metal band that provide a sort of shelf for them to rest on. 
The metal bands are spring loaded, meaning that the pressure, or tension, of them hold the gemstone securely in place. 
Tension set rings are beautiful in their simplicity. Though it is certainly possible to find more ornate tension set rings, generally this style of ring is more subtly sophisticated in style. 

Is a tension set engagement ring right for you?

A tension set engagement ring is likely to be right for you if you’re looking for a subtle setting to showcase a beautiful gem. In practical terms, tension rings sit fairly flush with your finger, so are great for people who don’t want to risk catching their ring on anything, such as those who have hands on careers or play a lot of sports.
It’s worth keeping in mind, though, that tension set rings can’t be resized once they’re made due to the spring loaded design. So make sure you’re sure on your ring size!
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