The Engagement Ring Files: Tiffany Setting

March 14, 2018 Allison Bray

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Welcome to the engagement ring files. During this series we’re investigating what you need to know about the various engagement ring setting options. Today we’re talking about Tiffany settings.
A Tiffany setting is a variety of prong set engagement rings. The design was created in the 1880s by Charles Tiffany of the Tiffany & Co jewellery company, and has since become iconic.
The name ‘Tiffany setting’ is actually a trademarked term, so this kind of engagement ring is only truly a Tiffany set ring if it comes from Tiffany & Co in that famous blue box! 

What does a Tiffany set ring look like?

A Tiffany engagement ring, or a Tiffany style engagement ring is a multi-prong solitaire ring. It features a single gemstone, usually a diamond, held in place by slim metal prongs. The number of prongs varies, but it is usually either six or four. 
The true beauty of a Tiffany style setting is due to two factors. Firstly; its simplicity. The smooth lines of this kind of setting let’s the diamond take centre stage. Secondly; its sparkle. The placement of the metal rings in this style of setting leaves as much of the diamond open as possible. This means that more light can shine in through the gem, maximising it’s sparkle power.

Is a Tiffany set engagement ring right for you?

If you decide that a Tiffany style engagement ring is right for you, you will be part of a long tradition. Tiffany style engagement rings have been an iconic symbol of love and matrimony for well over a century. 
This could be the ring for you if you want a simple setting design that will show off a beautiful gem. It may not be right for you if you prefer more intricate styles, or engagement rings with multiple gems. 
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