The Great Jewellery Debate: Quantity VS Quality

March 29, 2017 Allison Bray

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It’s a contentious subject and one that all jewellery lovers are likely to have an opinion on. What’s more important when it comes to jewellery: quantity or quality? We think there are very convincing arguments from both sides of the divide. Below we’ve argued each case…

Team Quantity

The main argument on the quantity side is simply this: jewellery is fun, why not have more of it?! When your collection is focused on quantity you are free to experiment with trends and statement pieces that you may not have been able to afford if you were sticking to more expensive quality pieces. 

A jewellery collection that is built to celebrate quantity is more likely to be filled with bright bold colours and quirky details. Even better: we bet you’ll be able to find the perfect piece in the perfect colour for every outfit and occasion.

Team Quality

Team quality is more concerned with having a collection that’s beautifully curated and gorgeously designed. Think more Audrey Hepburn than Katy Perry! A quality jewellery collection is likely to be more focused on classic go-with-anything pieces that will elevate even the simplest of outfits into something sophisticated. 

Quality pieces are also much more likely to retain their lustre over time. Choosing a quality jewellery collection may be a bigger investment, but it’s also a much longer lasting investment. 

Personally, we fall more on the quality end of the spectrum. In an ideal world, of course, it would be wonderful to have a jewellery box overflowing with gorgeous high end pieces, but in reality we’d be happy with a capsule jewellery collection made up of beautiful and versatile sparkles.

We’d love to know which side of the argument has convinced you. Why not hop on over to Twitter and tell us whether you’re Team Quantity or Team Quality?

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