What to Wear With... A Breton Top

August 29, 2018 Allison Bray

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It’s very hard to go wrong with a classic breton top. Whether you choose white stripes on navy or navy stripes on white, the effect will be gloriously laid back chic.
We think a trusty breton looks great paired with jeans. They also work well with colour block trousers and printed skirts. 
Aside from their reputation for casual elegance, we also love bretons as they provide a perfect backdrop for your jewellery! Whether you want to opt for subtle sparkle or an all-out statement, your breton will help you carry it off with aplomb. 
Here are some suggestions to get you started.

For a classically French look…

Breton tops originated, of course, on the French coast. You could pay homage to this chic heritage by pairing your breton with beautifully understated pearl studs. 
These White Pearl Manhattan Stud Earrings or these Audrey Silver Pearl Stud Earrings would do the job perfectly. 

For a cute kitsch look…

One of the great things about choosing such a classic style of top is that it can balance out some quirkier jewellery choices. We love the thought of mixing a breton with some super cute jewellery.
We think the Martha Mouse Necklace or these Lovebird Earrings would be great.

For a minimalist modern look…

Who’s to say that a piece of clothing with such a long and rich history can’t be brought bang up to date?! We think a breton can look wonderfully modern when paired with minimalist jewellery.
Try this Waltzer Ring Matt Silver with Chain or this Large Loop Pendant to pull off this effect. 

For a colourful statement look…

There’s no doubt that navy and white are elegant colours… but you may want to add a few bolder hues into your look! Statement jewellery can be a great way to bring a few more rainbow tones into your outfit.
We think your breton would look great with this Picasso Links Rainbow Necklace or this Liquorice Allsorts Flat Squares and Beads Necklace.
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