What to Wear With... A Floral Sundress

July 11, 2018 Allison Bray

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On a beautifully bright summer’s day, is there anything more romantic to wear that a floral sundress? (Flounces are optional but very much admired here at Monkey Puzzle Jewellery). 
Not only do floral sundresses look gorgeous and help to keep you cool, they also have another serious benefit. Namely: they’re an easy way to throw on a complete outfit in about four seconds flat!
If you do want to add some accessories, jewellery is an excellent way to build on the look. Depending on the type of pieces you choose, you can transform the look of your dress. Whether you’re into retro styling, contemporary styling or even punk-inspired styling: a few carefully chosen pieces of jewellery will help you get the look.
Can we offer some inspiration?

For a laid back vintage look…

Floral prints are a firm favourite with vintage fans. Why not emphasise this with some gorgeously classic jewellery? 
Try the Owl in a Tree Pendant or the Silver Honey Bee Necklace.

For a contemporary colour block look…

We think pairing a floral sundress with some bright jewellery is a great choice for a bold daytime look. Whether you go for colours that are complimentary or clashing is up to you!
Try the Purple and Green Agate Medley Earrings or the Liquorice Allsorts Flat Squares and Beads.

For a glam look with a bit of an edge…

If you don’t want your overall look to be too delicate or pretty, why not experiment with statement jewellery? A big eye-catching necklace will break up the flowers and add a bit of an edge. 
Try the Soiree Pearl and Black Spinel Necklace or the Indiana Necklace.
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