What to Wear With... A Trench Coat

October 10, 2018 Allison Bray

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We love style classics and there are few more longstanding than the trench coat. Whether you opt for traditional beige or a bolder hue, a trench is the ideal coat for autumn and spring. 
If you’re currently enjoying an autumn style moment with boots and a trench coat (pumpkin spice latte optional), you might be on the hunt for accessory inspiration. If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably have paired your trench with a chunky scarf in seasonal tones… but what about added jewellery?
We think that some of the best jewellery to wear with a trench are statement earrings. This is because they:
- Won’t be covered up by your coat
- Won’t get in the way of your scarf
- Will add a lot of extra interest to your look
- Offer a great opportunity to add colour, which is especially great when paired with a beige trench
Have we convinced you?
If you’re looking for some show-stopping earrings to add a generous touch of glamour to your autumn look, we’ve got some excellent suggestions for you.
These Tara Kirkpatrick Yellow Droplet Earrings would be a great way to add volume and colour to your outfit. We love the cheerful shot of yellow!
If you fancy adding a bit of drama to your outerwear, these Jan Allison Black Onyx and Labradorite Earrings might be just what you’re hunting for. 
For a beautifully elegant touch, you can’t go wrong with these Collette Waudby Mavilo Leaf Earrings. The sculptural element to these mean they look particularly great with a flowing scarf.
The McMaster and Tingley Sunflower Drop Earrings are a great choice to wear with a trench. The gold tones will blend perfectly with a beige trench… and the bold sunflowers are a great reminder of the summer season we’ve just left behind. 
Want to take a look at some more earring inspiration? We’ve got a whole collection to tempt you with here!

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