What's Your Jewellery Style Manifesto?

October 26, 2016 Allison Bray

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If you’d like to make more cohesive style choices with your jewellery box, it can be helpful to set out to define your own personal jewellery style manifesto.
Keeping this manifesto in mind will help you to make every day style choices you’re happy with, as well as give you a much better starting point when you set out to buy new jewellery. It could also help you to reorganise your jewellery collection and let unworn and unloved pieces move onto a new home. 
Want to define your jewellery style manifesto? Below are four question to ask yourself to get started.

1. When you put your jewellery on each morning, what do you set out to do?

Some people wear jewellery to get noticed. Some people wear jewellery to add the finishing touch to their outfit. Some people wear jewellery to remember loved ones, show their personality or even uphold tradition. Why you choose to wear jewellery will have a big impact on the kind of jewellery you wear. 

2. What three words would you use to describe your taste in jewellery?

Are you classic, simple and elegant or zany, kitsch and colourful? Setting out to describe your favourite jewellery in three adjectives can help you to really sum up what you want your jewellery to say about you. Once you’ve settled on a description you’re happy with, it’ll be much easier to declutter your jewellery box and let go of any pieces that aren’t right for you.

3. Are there any practical things that annoy you about jewellery?

Do you always lose brooches? Do you find stud earrings much more comfortable to wear than dangly ones? Do bangles always get in the way while you’re at work? A comprehensive jewellery style manifesto isn’t just about how your jewellery looks, it’s also about how it feels to wear.

4. What kind of jewellery suits you the best?

You might want to consult a stylish friend on this point. Are there certain types of jewellery that look particularly great on you? Is there anything that doesn’t look as great? Perhaps you have very delicate wrists that look gorgeous in dainty bracelets but overwhelmed in thick bangles. Maybe dangly earrings look stunning with your short bobbed haircut. Once you know this you can stick to a formula that works and avoid anything that doesn’t.
Looking for inspiration for your jewellery style manifesto? Browse the jewellery designers we work with to get a feel for what kind of styles you are drawn to.


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