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Meet the Designer: Claudia Bradby

March 23, 2015 Allison Bray

In our first 'Meet the Designer', we interviewed prolific contemporary jewellery designer, Claudia Bradby.


How did you get started?

Having been given a wedding anniversary gift that didn't really suit me, I realised I wasn't a very traditional jewellery person and didn't want just one item of jewellery to wear every day, or indeed for dressing up/going out in. As I was living in Hong Kong at the time, an image of pearls on knotted leather fired my imagination and I set about designing some more relaxed designs, but using real materials. I just fell...

Spring 2015 Trend Guide: Get 70s Chic with Nature-Inspired Jewellery

March 19, 2015 Allison Bray

The fashion world is currently fixated with all things 70s and jewellery is no exception. The beauty of jewellery trends is that they don’t come and go as quickly so you’ll be wearing this one for seasons to come whilst also perfectly accessorising this season’s look of the moment.

As your local destination for contemporary British jewellery designers in York we’re currently stocking a number of gorgeous pieces to help you do the hippy shake this spring.

Pendants are a great way to add the finishing touch to casual outfits and we’re imagining...

Weston Scarves - Our Designer of the Week!

March 16, 2015 Amelia Ellison




About Richard Weston

These scarves are a fantastic idea that came from a man called Richard Weston.  Richard is from Leicester and is an award winning landscape architect who now is a Professor of Architecture at Cardiff University. Richard is also a talented author and has written several books. 

How the scarves were born 

Richard has a fascination with the beauty of natural materials, one day he...

A Short Guide to Buying Jewellery as a Gift

March 10, 2015 Allison Bray

Jewellery can often be the perfect gift for someone special to you; a gift of jewellery is frequently symbolic of romance or of holding someone in especially high esteem. There’s just one problem: how do you choose the perfect piece of jewellery for someone?

Here at Monkey Puzzle Jewellery, we like to flatter ourselves that we know everything there is to know about choosing the right jewellery for the right person. There are a number of factors that need to be considered, and we’re here to help explain them.


First off, you need to think about the...

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Our First Gemstone of the Week…Amber!

March 09, 2015 Amelia Ellison

Amber is our first ever ‘Gemstone of the week’. This stone is wonderful and I’ll tell you why! 

Amber is fossilized tree resin and it has its uses for not just making wonderful pieces of jewellery but has been used in medicine and also perfumes. This stone comes from many different countries but the one we know best and see the most of is the Baltic Amber aka ‘gold of the north’.  This Amber is thought to be fossil resins from plants that used to live in Northern Europe thousands of years ago. These pieces can found on the beaches...

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