Anthony Blakeney

A Silver Twig Ring

£210.00 GBP


Aluminium and Steel Black Necklace

£230.00 GBP


Aluminium Long Necklace Grey

£220.00 GBP

Reeves & Reeves

Beauty Bangles Medium

£240.00 GBP

Claudia Bradby

Biography Necklace

£245.00 GBP

Cornerstone Creations

Carnelian And Silver Ring

£265.00 GBP


Coloured Aluminium Band Necklace

£230.00 GBP

Cornerstone Creations

Cradle Link Matt Silver Bracelet Large

£217.00 GBP


Cubed Hematite And Gold Necklace

£235.00 GBP

SW Designs

Cubed Turqouise Necklace

£230.00 GBP

Jacks Turner

Cup Silver and Sapphire Engagement Ring

£273.00 GBP

Collette Waudby

Curved Silver and Ruby Ring

£255.00 GBP

Collette Waudby

Curved Silver Ring with Aquamarine

£215.00 GBP