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Cornerstone Creations

Fanfare Ring with Silver and Orange Resin

£99.00 GBP £64.35 GBP


Brooch with Stainless Steel and Rhodium

£129.00 GBP £83.85 GBP

Anthony Blakeney

Silver, Gold And Diamond Twig Ring

£195.00 GBP £126.75 GBP

Charmian Beaton

Dragonfly Wing Squared Pendant

£110.00 GBP

Reeves & Reeves

Pheasant Pendant

£65.00 GBP £48.75 GBP

Becky Crow

Birch Studs

£45.00 GBP £29.25 GBP

Becky Crow

Birch Chain Drop Earrings

£80.00 GBP £52.00 GBP