A selection of handmade and designer jewellery necklaces available from our range of contemporary designers at Monkey Puzzle Jewellery.

Elizabeth Chamberlain

Five Circle Wrap Pendant

£65.00 GBP

Reeves & Reeves

Russian Doll Necklace

£79.00 GBP

SW Designs

Rainbow Cubed Gemstone Necklace

£180.00 GBP

Reeves & Reeves

Benjamin Bunny Necklace

£55.00 GBP


Vintage Daisy 12mm Pendant

£58.00 GBP


Vintage Daisy 20mm Pendant

£77.00 GBP


10mm Daisy Pendant

£59.00 GBP

McMaster and Tingley

Sunflower Large Pendant

£112.50 GBP

Reeves & Reeves

Rose Gold Shooting Star Necklace

£45.00 GBP

Amanda coleman

Field Mouse with Briolette Necklace

£38.00 GBP

Reeves & Reeves

Giving Tree Necklace

£69.00 GBP

Reeves & Reeves

Humming Bird Necklace

£55.00 GBP

Reeves & Reeves

Cat And Mouse Silhouette Necklace

£45.00 GBP


Gold And Hematite Necklace

£170.00 GBP