Silver Jewellery York

Established in 1996, Monkey Puzzle Jewellery is a contemporary jewellery gallery located in the heart of historic York. The stylish shop and relaxed atmosphere make for a perfect shopping and browsing environment. Our range is varied and unique and features the work of a broad spectrum of British artists and designers.

Reeves & Reeves

2 Ring Scriptura Pendant in Silver

£65.00 GBP

Reeves & Reeves

Acorn Silver and Gold Pendant

£49.00 GBP


Amber and Silver Swirl Earring

£49.00 GBP


Amber Large Silver Pendant

£130.00 GBP


Amber Silver Ring Earrings

£39.95 GBP


Amber Silver Ring Pendant

£49.00 GBP


Amber Silver Round Disc Earrings

£45.00 GBP

Anthony Blakeney

Amethyst and Silver Tension Ring

£165.00 GBP

Cornerstone Creations

Amethyst Silver Cornerstone Ring

£140.00 GBP


Art Deco Amber and Silver Pendant

£145.00 GBP

Claudia Bradby

Audrey Silver Pearl Stud Earring

£38.00 GBP

Collette Waudby

Bangle with Silver Leaves

£110.00 GBP