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Amber Pendant

Designed by Amber

Amber Pendant - Amber - Monkey Puzzle Jewellery

Round piece of amber with a piece of silver running straight down the front of the amber piece with a bale at the top.  The pendant hangs on a multi stand silver wire necklace. 

Gold major was established in 1985 and now have the largest collection of Amber jewellery in the UK, providing Monkey Puzzle with over 100 pieces.This stone comes from many different countries but the one we know best and see the most of is the Baltic Amber, aka ‘gold of the north’.   Each piece of amber is unique and can differ in many ways for example, it can be strong solid colour and others have little flecks in, these flecks maybe bits of bark or plant that it has picked up along the way, sometimes you can find insects inside but this is rare.

£95.00 GBP