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Copper Plated Oak Leaf

Designed by Two Skies

Copper Plated Oak Leaf - Two Skies - Monkey Puzzle Jewellery

These pieces are created by Adam at ‘Two Skies’, which is located in the beautiful Scottish city of Perth. The process to make these leaves are unique. First each leaf is hand picked, preserved and dried. The chlorophyll is then removed to leave a skeletal leaf, each leaf is hand painted to make it conductive. It is then transformed using a unique process which covers it in a desired precious metal coating. The results are eye catching and stunning.


 Category: Oak
Name: Red Copper Oak
Metal: red copper plated
Description: This large oak leaf truly reflects the beauty of the oak tree .
Dimensions: 83mm x45mm
Weight: 6.30gms

£35.00 GBP
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