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Rainbow Shell Shimmer Bracelet

Designed by Carrie Elspeth

Rainbow Shell Shimmer Bracelet
About the Shell Shimmer Range

These incredible, tiny beads are colourful disks of shell, strung together making a sleek and shimmering rope which is both delicate and graceful. A subtle range which shines with an air of sophistication: the tonal combinations are very elegant, and the silver shine of interspersed disks completes the range beautifully.

Beads used: Shell Beads

About this bracelet
A beautiful piece of jewellery in its own right, this bracelet is also designed to work with the matching necklace and earrings to bring the whole set together. Carrie Elspeth bracelets measure approx 7" (19cm) around, and fasten with a silver-plated spring clasp.

Carrie Says:
“I am completely in love with miniature beads this season and have absolutely adored working with these tiny circular slivers of shell. When put together, the beads create a stunning slinky line, which is crammed with different tones and layers of harmonising hues. Both colour variations are just so elegant!”

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